Megan Powers

Chief Strategist, Powers of Marketing
Megan Powers has a wide and deep experience in the meetings and events industry. She's worked in marketing for tech companies, in a venue, as a planner, and in audio-visual production sales, before starting her own business. All of this experience gives her a unique lens through which she sees and approaches events. Her company Powers of Marketing is a boutique strategic marketing communication agency, providing podcast hosting, strategy consultation, training, content, and execution to organizations seeking to strategically market themselves through content and events. Megan is passionate about being face-to-face for events AND about the opportunities digital spaces also give us to interact, learn, and grow revenue. She hosts two podcasts: Making a Marketer is in its fourth season and Inside Events is in its second season.
5.45 - 6.15 PM GMT

Thursday Oct 29th

How to Use Marketing to Engage Your Attendees Before the Event